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2022 Holiday Camping Gift Guide

Don’t let the stress of holiday shopping stop you from enjoying the merriment and magic of the season! At SGT KNOTS, we are proud to offer the best rope and cord products for every outdoor adventurer on your list, from the fishing guru to the camping enthusiast in your life.

Chances are, you’ve scoured the camping gear gift guides to find the perfect camping gift ideas for the adventurous friend, neighbor or relative in your life, only to come up short with items they don’t already have or things they will actually use.

Thankfully, your tactical supply experts at SGT KNOTS compiled the perfect camping gift guide to help you pick the camping essentials the adventurer will be thrilled to add to their survival kit.

4 Camping Gift Ideas For Christmas

1. Marine Grade Bungee Cords

From creating makeshift clotheslines to fastening down firewood, tents, tarps, and cargo for the journey, marine grade bungee cords are the multi-functional camping gift small enough to pack away for any trip, and mighty enough to save the day in a number of ways. 

The SGT KNOTS Marine Grade Bungee Cords provide a durability and dependability most other bungee shock cords can’t deliver, thanks to high-grade Dacron Polyester sheathing offering impressive UV, abrasion, and moisture resistance your camper is bound to experience plenty of in their journeys.

2. Snap N’ Carry Universal Folding Chair Strap

Creating a home away from home can certainly come with a lot of cargo that needs to be transported. For this reason, we highly recommend gifting the Snap N’ Carry Universal Folding Chair Strap to your camping enthusiast this holiday season.

This click-and-go chair strap is designed with a moveable shoulder pad, making quick, easy, and comfortable work of carrying multiple chairs or items to and from the campsite.

3. MilSpec Paracord Type III or Type IV

Paracord is one of the most versatile tools used in both domestic and survival situations. For campers, MilSpec Paracord can be used to secure gear in or outside of a backpack, hoist up food at night, securing tent rain flys, creating a makeshift clothesline, replacing broken shoelaces, making a snare, and a list of other emergency and tactical uses. Choose from several colors, lengths, and either 7 or 11 strands, or pick out a few different types to supply your camper with an even more versatile selection of crucial camping supplies.

4. Arbor Webbing & Stakes

Last but certainly not least on our list of great camping gift ideas, Arbor Webbing and Stakes! While typically used for supporting the growth of new trees, arbor webbing and stakes can also be used as extra tent stakes needed when winds or heavy rains require your tent to have a bit more stability. The webbing can be used for a number of uses, including creating a clothesline, tying up food to keep away from animals, tying down light cargo, and anything other way your camper can safely utilize it.

Conquer The Holidays With Help From SGT KNOTS

From camping gear gift guide ideas to simple DIY projects using our rope and cord products, SGT KNOTS makes it simple to tackle your daily projects and adventures with the highest quality rope and cord products on the market today, and always at the best prices. Visit the SGT KNOTS Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest page today for more inspiration, and to see how other adventurers and DIY masters are using (and loving) their SGT KNOTS products!

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