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Who We Are

Who We Are

Our mission at SGT KNOTS is simple: provide the highest quality, military-grade Rope Products at the best prices every day.
As a family and veteran-owned/operated business, SGT KNOTS proudly delivers American-made products rooted in the Marine Corps mantra, Semper Fidelis. This means that we strive to give our loyal customers long-lasting, heavy-duty rope, cable, and paracord products at Always Faithful prices.
Our humble roots began with the sale of high-quality Paracord, and we quickly grew into a leading paracord supplier. Through hard work and dedication to deliver nothing but the best, SGT KNOTS soon became a top seller of rope and Cord Products for practically every need or wish.
Our relentless effort to provide our customers with the absolute best means we get the best deals from our suppliers and pass those savings directly to you. It is just one of the many ways SGT KNOTS is dedicated to delivering you the American-made products you want at prices you love.

Who We Serve

If you are wondering where to buy rope for work or play in practically any industry, SGT KNOTS is the place to go. Our selection of cord and rope for sale ranges from the best rope products for land and sea, from Commercial Fishing RopeSailing & Marina Rope, and Kayaking Shock Cord, to Landscaping RopeClimbing Rope, Stage & Theatrical RopeCrafting Macrame, food-grade Twine, and more!
Whether you need the best Dacron Polyester Rope to withstand chemicals, UV radiation, water resistance, and hold up in harsh environments, or simply a soft 100% Cotton Rope for crafting, we have every roping need, want, and wish covered.
Save More When You Buy In Bulk!
Want the best rope for sale in large quantities and at the very best prices? We can help! Place a Custom Order Today for even more cost savings delivered to your door!  
Unsure of exactly what rope or cord product is best for the task at hand at home, on the farm, in the boat, or at the job site? We can help with that, too! Our incredible customer service team is ready to help you find the absolute best rope products for all your needs, no matter what they may be!

More from SGT KNOTS

We did not just stop at bringing you the best rope products, either. The SGT KNOTS Blog is chock-full of helpful tips, tricks, Rope GuidesKnot Tutorials, and inspiration to help you get the most out of your new paracord and rope products.

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Want to see our heavy-duty rope and cord products in action? Be sure to check us out on Facebook (SGT KNOTS Supply Co) and Instagram (@SGTKNOTS), where we show how loyal customers like you are using (and loving) their SGT KNOTS rope products, rope cord, and climbing accessories every day!
When it comes to getting the best rope for sale anywhere, to then learning exactly how to use it, SGT KNOTS has the best rope cord products and knowledge to help ensure you get the absolute most out of our American-made products. Shop our incredible selection of rope for sale today and experience for yourself the difference SGT KNOTS heavy-duty rope products can make in the way you work and play!