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Cotton Butcher Twine 2 Pound Cone

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Our cotton and polyester blended butcher cord is strong all-purpose kitchen twine for wrapping cuts, tying roasts, preparing food packaging, and dozens of other indoor or outdoor applications. We use all-natural cotton twine that has not been treated, dyed, bleached, or otherwise tampered with in any way. Can withstand oven temperatures without burning, bleeding, or staining. Safe to use for any food packaging or tying. Perfect for delis, cafes, butchers, restaurants, catering, and other hospitality businesses.

We blend our 100% cotton with polyester fibers that increase strength, resistance, and lifespan. Polyester is a low-stretch, durable material resistant to moisture, heat, mildew, rot, mold, and other “unsavory” qualities that can ruin all natural twines. Our cotton twine can double as a long-lasting supply of all-purpose utility cords for general crafting projects in your home, garden, or workplace.


  • Length | Width

  • 10080ft | 4-ply

  • 5040ft | 8-ply

  • 3360ft | 12-ply

  • 2520ft | 16-ply

  • 450ft | 16-ply

  • 1680ft | 24-ply