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Rope Knot Tutorials


From learning how to tie a knot for beginners to mastering the art of Alpine Butterfly Loops, SGT KNOTS makes it easy to find the best Rope products you need and the tutorials to learn how to tie a knot for any setting. Throughout this knot tying page and the SGT KNOTS Blog, you can learn how to tie knots for camping, climbing, sailing, Paracord bracelets, agricultural use, and more! While learning new rope knots with our helpful videos and tutorials, do not forget to shop our incredible selection of rope and cord products at unbeatable prices!

bowline knot

How To Tie A Bowline Knot

Bowline knot are often considered one of the most essential knots of outdoorsmen. In just 3 easy steps, learn how to tie a bowline knot right here!
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paracord diamond knot or lanyard knot tutorial

Lanyard & Diamond Knot Tutorial

In this knot tutorial, explore the world of diamond knots, also known as lanyard knots as our experts walk you through step-by-step to learn how to tie a lanyard knot using paracord. Click here to learn more!
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How to Tie a Slip Knot

How to Tie a Slip Knot

A slip knot is one of eight basic knots and one of the most frequently tied knots.  While slip knots are similarly structured to noose knots, the slip knot is meant to be used as a temporary stop that easily...

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Bowline On A Bight

Bowline On A Bight

Learn how to tie a Bowline on a Bight with our simple instructional video. This knot is used anytime you need to create a secure loop in the middle of a rope.
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5 Basic Rope Knots Everyone Should Know

Figure 8 Knot

Considered one of the building blocks of rope knots, the Figure 8 Rope Knot is the tie knot most often used in sailing and rock climbing by helping stop ropes from running out of retaining devices or attaching them to anchor points. The figure 8 knot is a great rope knot for beginners to learn. We recommend using a Solid Braid Nylon Rope when learning how to tie knots in the figure 8 style!

Bowline Knot

You cannot call yourself a sailor if you do not know the Bowline Knot! Luckily, learning How to Tie a Bowline Knot is simple, and even comes in handy in a variety of other settings, including climbing, staking tents or tarps, pulling objects, rescue work, and fastening mooring lines! A 1/4” Utility Rope is a great option for both learning how to tie a knot and for use in these various settings.

Slip Knot

As one of eight basic rope knots, the Slip Knot is one of the most frequently used and is meant to be used as a temporary stop that can easily unravel if and when you want it to. You can use for a slip knot for everything from crafting to rock climbing and boating. We recommend using a Nylon Rope to learn how to tie a knot in a slip knot style!

Hitch Knots

When it comes to securing a boat to the dock, hitch knots are some of the best rope knots to know about. For instance, the Clean Hitch is a quick and easy way to secure a rope to a cleat, while a Pile Hitch can easily attach a mooring like to a dock pole. And do not forget about the Midshipman’s Hitch, a great rope knot choice when you need an adjustable loop at the end of a rope!

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