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man tying an anchor knot

How to Tie an Anchor Knot

Tying an anchor knot is one of the first and most important tasks a boater, fisherman, or self-proclaimed nautical expert can (and should) learn. Also known as an anchor hitch/bend or fisherman’s hitch/bend, the anchor knot is a common knot that’s used to attach an anchor to the line or rope.

Just as important as correctly tying an anchor knot is using the correct rope. For instance, most docking and anchor lines require a waterproof rope that can resist UV light, abrasion, water absorption, and even chemicals. For all of these reasons and more, nylon rope is the best choice for use as anchor rope. 

We love the Diamond Braid Nylon Rope, a multi-purpose rope offering lightweight flexibility, rot resistance, and resistance to oil, water, gasoline, and most chemicals. Other fan-favorite anchor ropes include the Twisted Nylon Anchor Rope and the Double Braid Nylon Anchor Line.

Now that you know which rope to use, let’s dive into how to tie an anchor knot.

How to Tie an Anchor Knot

1. Wrap the nylon rope twice around the anchor shackle.
man tying an anchor knot

2. Pass the rope end through the loops & pull tightly.

man in the process of tying an anchor knot

3. Wrap the remaining rope around the standing rope. Hold and pull to tighten.

final step of tying an anchor knot

    Simple as 1, 2, 3! Now that you know how to tie an anchor knot like a pro, it’s time to get out there and explore. Interested in learning more? SGT KNOTS library of knot tutorials makes it simple to learn all of the knots essential for your mission. For all of your nautical needs, check out our helpful Boat Rope Anchor Guide

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