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Paracord / Parachute Cord

275 paracord 2.38mm
from $ 5.98

Nylon Paracord 275


This nylon paracord has a high tensile strength rated up to 275 pounds.  Our multi-purpose utility rope also features moisture, sunlight / UV, and ...

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425 / 3.17mm (1/8") Paracord
Sold out
from $ 6.10

Nylon Paracord 425


100% Nylon 425 Paracord 425 lbs Tensile Strength - 5 Twisted Nylon Inner Strands 3.17mm (1/8") Diameter Made in USA

Type 1 / 1.85mm Paracord
from $ 12.28

Type 1 Paracord


Our Type I Paracord is a compatible utility cord for crafting, paracord bracelets, survival bracelets, and tie downs / camping.  This nylon paracor...

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Type IV nylon Paracord
from $ 13.84

Type IV Paracord


No one does military grade paracord at civilian-friendly prices better than SGT KNOTS, and our Type IV 750 LB Paracord is no exception.  For surviv...

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