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MilSpec Paracord Type III or Type IV

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Step aside, imitators: true military grade or "mil-spec" paracord, MIL-C-5040H TYPE III / TYPE IV is finally available to the public!  There are tons of 550 paracord available out there, and many consumers as well as many manufacturers and distributors think they're all the same.

Slapping a "military grade" sticker on the outside of the package doesn't make it so, though.  The handbook of guidelines 550 paracord must adhere to before it can be approved for use in the US military is 20 pages long, and it covers every step of the manufacturing process to ensure the most effective, consistent, and reliable use in true life-or-death situations.  No matter what other paracord packages say, most of what's available to the public is commercial grade paracord, still useful, and still reliable, but not up to Department of Defense standards.

Mil-spec paracord not only has to have a specific chemical composition, but each individual strand of yarn has to be wet-shrunk at high temperatures to prevent unwanted stretching and maintain strength. These are just the beginnings of the stringent requirements for true military grade 550 paracord.

  • Available Colors:  Black, Camo Green, Coyote Brown, International Orange, Military Camo, Red, Tan 499, White
  • Available Strands:  7 Inner, 11 Inner

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