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Commercial Fishing Rope


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More About Commercial Fishing Rope

Commercial fishermen know their fishing rope better than anyone, so when they need the high-quality and dependable Sailing and Marina Rope, they turn to SGT KNOTS fishing ropes.  Not only do we carry incredible Bungee Dock Lines and ultra-buoyant Polyfoam Ropes, but we are also your one-stop-shop for lightweight and affordable Polyfoam Floating Ropes best suited for water applications.

Shop SGT KNOTS today and discover the difference our fishing rope can make in all your future fishing endeavors!

Polyfoam Floating Rope

SGT KNOTS polyfoam floating rope is a lightweight and affordable fishing rope specially engineered for water and marina use.  This rope is not only a great fishing rope for commercial, crab, and lobster fishermen, but a great fishing rope option for boating, fly-fishing, sport fishing, camping, backpacking, and any other activity where you need a highly water-resistant rope.

What Makes Polyfoam Rope Float?

Our Polyfoam floating rope is constructed with an inner core made from polyester foam (polyfoam), a buoyant foam made in a similar way to memory foam. Polyfoam is often found in mattresses, mattress toppers, and vehicle interiors. Because it is so buoyant, polyfoam rope is also great to attach to kayaks, canoes, boats, or easily mark boundaries and lanes in swimming pools or other bodies of water.

For long-lasting performance and superior moisture protection, the polyfoam core is wrapped in a moisture, mold, mildew, and rot-resistant monofilament polypropylene shell.  This superior design means your polyfoam fishing rope will not lose strength or flexibility in the water.  To sweeten the deal, polyfoam rope is a much more affordable fishing rope option when compared to other synthetic rope materials like polyester and nylon.

The SGT KNOTS Polyfoam floating rope is available in 1/2”, 3/8”, and 5/8” diameters and lengths of 50’, 100’, and 600’.

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More SGT KNOTS Marina Rope Products

SGT KNOTS selection of sailing and marina ropes include braided and twisted nylon ropes, bungee dock lines, solid braid Dock Mates, and galvanized Anchor Lead Chains ideal for quick and easy attachment to anchors and anchor lines.

No matter what your commercial fishing, sailing, or water application needs are, SGT KNOTS is sure to have long-lasting, dependable fishing ropes and rope products designed with high-quality and durable materials to deliver the best results every use.  With our fishing ropes, you will get the rope you need at prices you will love.  Shop SGT KNOTS today!