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2022 Holiday Gift Guide For Outdoorsmen & Survivalists

They’re resourceful, they’re creative, and they would rather be outside. Who are we talking about? Survivalists and outdoorsmen, of course! If you have one (or a few of them) in your life, SGT KNOTS has the great gifts for survivalistsmaybe even the best Christmas giftsfor survivalists and outdoorsmen designed to help save the day when it matters most.

Without further ado, here are our three recommended Christmas gifts for outdoorsmen and survivalists you can give this year, knowing they will come in handy at the perfect time.

3 Great Gifts For Survivalists & Outdoorsmen

1. Double Braided Nylon Vehicle Recovery Rope

Next on our survivalist gift guide for the outdoorsman in your life is none other than the Double Braided Nylon Vehicle Recovery Rope. Made from the highest quality material, the SGT KNOTS vehicle recovery rope is one of the best towing ropes on the market today, and ideal for helping your adventurer pull their way out of a messy situation, whether it be a vehicle, ATV, or snowmobile out of the deep mud, snow, sand, or ditch. This impressive kinetic recovery rope can stretch up to 30% its original length and offer 45% more strength than wire ropes, all while being lightweight. 

2. Knot Tying Kit with Waterproof Reference Cards

True survivalists and outdoorsmen know the importance of having the right rope and cord products on standby if and when they need them. However, just as important as the rope or cord they bring along, is knowing how to use it for the most reliable outcome, which is what makes the SGT KNOTS Knot Tying Kit With Waterproof Reference Cards an incredibly useful Christmas gift for outdoorsmen embarking on any adventure. 

Our knot tying kit makes an excellent gift for newbie survivalists and outdoorsmen (and women) like boy and girl scouts, teaching the most important knots every outdoor enthusiast should know like the back of their hand, including the bowline knot, square knot, double fisherman’s, sheet bend, prusik knot, and several other commonly used knots. It’s a must have for any outdoorsman’s stocking stuffer!

3. Poly Sandbags

From weather resistant storage to makeshift fitness tools, SGT KNOTS Poly Sandbags are the multi-purpose Christmas gift for outdoorsmen used in a variety of activities, from camping and survival to flood protection, construction, military use, and so much more. Your survivalist will love the durability and protection our poly sandbags offer for safe and secure storage of their most critical food and tactical supplies, and how many ways the bags can be used to support them in their adventures.

Equip Your Outdoorsmen With The Best Christmas Survival Gifts From SGT KNOTS

Whether they are just learning the ropes of what it takes to be a survivalist, or they are leading the charge of what it means to be a true outdoorsman, SGT KNOTS is sure to have the rope and core supply products they can count on for every mission. 

Browse and shop today to find the useful rope and cord products for every adventure. Then, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to see how other SGT KNOTS customers are loving and using their products for everyday work, play and life.

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