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Knot Tying Kit with Waterproof Reference Cards

$ 19.95
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  • 2 - 6' Lenghts of 3/16" double braided rope
  • 1 - 6 foot length of tubular nylon webing
  • Pro-Knot Survival Knot Tying Reference Cards
  • Made in USA

SGT KNOTS® Learn the Basics Knot Tying Kit with Waterproof Reference Cards: For anyone who enjoys outdoors, knowing these basic knots is essential for: camping, hiking, backpacking, fishing, boating, kayaking, etc. From securing shelters and loads, to boating, fishing, and so many other tasks. This kit includes two 6 foot lengths of 3/16 inch double braided polyester rope and a 6 foot piece of tubular nylon (used for learning the Water Knot). These cards are water proof, durable, credit card sized, double-sided reference cards. 17 essential knots are clearly demonstrated for anyone to learn and tie the proper knot. Instructions included for tying the following knots: Bowline, Tautline Hitch, Square Knot, Water Knot, Buntline Hitch, Bowline on a Bight, Mooring Hitch, Butterfly Knot, Figure Eight, Truckers Hitch, Double Fishermans, Sheet Bend, Prusik Knot, Constrictor Knot, Clove Hitch, Half Hitch, Rolling Hitch

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