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The Butterfly Knot & Its Many Uses

The Butterfly Knot & Its Many Uses

The Alpine Butterfly Loop is useful anytime a secure loop is required in the middle of a rope. It will accommodate a load in any of the three directions independently or together and is relatively easy to untie after loading. The symmetry of the knot also makes it very easy to inspect.

  1. The Alpine Butterfly Loop is most commonly used by mountain climbers, which shows it can be trusted in life or death situations. It is used specifically to tie-in the middle climber when traveling three to a rope.
  2. This loop is very useful when trying to keep your group together while floating on rivers or lakes.If you use our Utility Rope (1/4" pictured below) you'll get a sturdy but soft, easily knotable rope that floats on the water for easy retrieval. Use it with some carabiners to make it easy to detach and reattach.

  3. It is essential in water rescue work, because workers need non-slip loops in the middle of a rope to attach carabiners and provide points of attachment for other lines.
  4. It can be used to isolate a damaged section of a rope.
    Damaged rope with butterfly loop
  5. What do you use the Butterfly Loop for? Tell us in the comments and we might add it to our list!

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