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4 Fun Stocking Stuffers Under $20 For Outdoor Enthusiasts

The holidays are here, and it’s time to stock up on fun stocking stuffers for everyone on your list. Of course, this task is often easier said than done, especially when shopping for the great outdoors men or women in your life.

Not to fret, fellow gift buyer! SGT KNOTS is here with the four fun stocking stuffers under $20 your adventurer will loveand useall year-round.

4 Best Stocking Stuffers Under $20 For Outdoor Enthusiasts

1. Knot Tying Kit

True outdoor adventurers know the importance of having reliable rope and cord products at the ready. But just as important as having a great rope or cord is knowing how to knot it for reliable results. That’s why the first best stocking stuffer under $20 is the Knot Tying Kit With Waterproof Reference Cards

Whether you’re looking for a fun stocking stuffer for your new cub or girl scout, or want to gift your new climber with a useful practice tool they can use to learn the ropes (pun intended), this knot tying kit is a perfect gift.

2. Leather Beverage Sleeve

After a long day of work, an afternoon outside enjoying the weather, tailgating with friends, or hosting a weekend bonfire, the SGT KNOTS Leather Beverage Sleeve is the foldable, pocket-sized full-grain leather koozie ideal for every adventure. Designed with shock cord stitching for a universal fit of most beverage cans and bottles, this leather beverage sleeve keeps drinks cold, hands warm, and your gift buying less stressful.

3. Snap N’ Carry Universal Folding Chair Strap

Need a useful and fun stocking stuffer for the good time-goer in your life? Whether they’re headed out to the beach, concert, camping, or on vacation, you can send them to their destination with the gift designed to make their life easier: the Snap N’ Carry Universal Folding Chair Strap.

Designed with a moveable shoulder pad, this simple click-and-go chair strap makes easy work of carrying multiple chairs to and from their destination, helping to keep hands free for carrying other items or climbing tricky terrain on their way to their destination.

4. Zero Gravity Style Chair Replacement Lace Kit

Zero gravity chairs are the closest you can get to bringing your recliner to the great outdoors. Whether you’re gifting a zero gravity chair for Christmas and want to supplement it with a high-quality repair kit, or your loved one has a zero gravity chair they are crazy about, our Zero Gravity Chair Replacement Lace Kit makes a functional and fun stocking stuffer they will be happy to have.

While most zero gravity chairs feature polypropylene bungee cord lacking in UV and abrasion resistance, our premium bungee cord kit is designed with an extra polyester cover for superior ultra-durable UV and abrasion resistance for a chair they can trust for all of their future adventures and endeavors.

At SGT KNOTS, we make it simple to shop for the best rope and cord products and fun stocking stuffers for every great outdoor adventurer in your life. For more inspiration and insight on even more great Camping Gift Ideas this holiday or DIY projects you can tackle this year, be sure to follow SGT KNOTS on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Happy Holidays from the SGT KNOTS family to yours!

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