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A Gift For a Fitness Lover & Crossfitter

Holiday Gift Guide For Fitness Lovers & Crossfitters

The holidays are here, which means it’s time to gear up for lots of gatherings and gift-giving! If you’re wondering what to get the fitness fanatic in your life this holiday season, SGT KNOTS has put together the bonafide best fitness holiday gift guide with ideas that fit every budget and best support your loved ones on their fitness journey. This fitness lover gift guide includes the most popular gym ropes and accessories crossfitters and “gym rats” alike can utilize day in and day out to reach or maintain their fitness goals.

Let’s take a look!

Holiday Gift Guide For Crossfitters & Fitness Lovers

1. Battle Ropes 

From classic Twisted Battle Rope to Twisted Battle Jump Rope, SGT KNOTS battle rope products are the high-intensity workout tools your fitness fanatic can use within their workout from practically anywhere. There are dozens of ways to incorporate battle ropes into any fitness routine, whether in the gym or at home, and they can be used to scale up or down with the user for an effective workout.

2. Strength Training Equipment 

Strength training two to three times each week is a critical component of any workout routine by helping combat the natural effects of aging. There are several incredible strength-training products available today that can turn up the heat on any fitness routine while making a great gift for your fitness fanatic. Some strength training equipment to consider gifting this holiday season include barbells and plates, kettlebells, dumbbells, and medicine balls.

3. Fitness Apparel 

Most fitness fanatics these days have an athletic brand or two they count on to deliver reliable, comfortable fitness apparel. For this reason, the next item on our holiday gift guide for fitness lovers is fitness apparel! Whether you pick out new workout shirts, shorts, trainers, loungewear, or give a gift card to their favorite spot, your efforts won’t be wasted.

4. Pay Their Gym Fees

If you know where they like to workout, why not give them a month or two (or more) of free workouts with a gym membership gift certificate? Check-in with their gym to see how they handle payments and surprise them with the gift of free fitness, a sentiment sure to make any fitness guru’s holiday brighter.

5. Exercise Resistance Bands 

Another great holiday gift for fitness enthusiasts is resistance bands. Exercise resistance bands vary in thickness and length to support different movements and resistance training goals, whether strengthening the scapulas or working through an injury to build strength and prevent future damage.

6. Yoga Mat 

No matter what kind of training your loved one is doing, a yoga mat will always be a useful exercise tool that can help support the body during several exercises. Yoga mats roll up easily and can be taken on the go for workouts away from home and provide the perfect cushioned layer between the cold floor and their body for stretches and bodyweight exercises.

7. Foam Roller

Any dedicated athlete can tell you that one of the most important aspects of training is recovery and injury prevention. For this reason, we recommend equipping your fitness fanatic with a foam roller. Foam rollers can help relieve muscle soreness, tightness, and inflammation before or after a workout for safer training and recovery. Paired with a yoga mat and some new apparel, you’ve got the ultimate gift for the fitness lover in your life!

8. Supplements 

Aside from proper warmup and cooldown, the key to reaching specific fitness goals is nutrition and one way to support that this holiday season is through supplements. The supplement landscape is vast and ever-changing, but we’re willing to bet your fitness fanatic has the go-to products they wouldn’t dare train without. If you know what they are, great! Stock up on those. If not, consider a gift card or subscription to a highly-acclaimed store or brand.


We hope this fitness holiday gift guide makes your holiday shopping a little easier and your gift recipients a lot happier. Be sure to check out the SGT KNOTS blog for more great holiday gift guides to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Then, follow SGT KNOTS on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to see how others love their SGT KNOTS products for work, play, and fitness!


Happy Holidays!

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