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5 Best Battle Rope Exercises for At-Home Workouts

5 Best Battle Rope Exercises for At-Home Workouts

Did you know adults aged 18 to 64 should be getting at least 150 minutes (30 minutes/day for five days) of moderate-intensity exercise each week? What’s more, 60 minutes of that exercise should be dedicated to strengthening the muscles, like weight lifting or resistance training.

We all know how important regular exercise is to our overall wellness, but sometimes getting to the gym can be hard, which makes a battle rope workout at home so valuable. Not only do battle rope exercises make the task of performing muscle-strengthening activities more fun, but they are also a family-friendly exercise anyone can use as a way to improve cardiovascular endurance, all while working several muscle groups from the upper back and arms to abs and glutes.

To help you achieve optimal physical wellness and exercise based on public health recommendations, here are five of the best five battle rope exercises perfect for checking off your two days of muscle-strengthening activities for an overall happier, healthier you.

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What Kind of Rope Do You Need?

One of the best things about battle rope workouts is that all you need to get started is the right Rope. While SGT KNOTS makes a dedicated Twisted Battle Rope complete with grip handles at an incredible price of less than $40 for a 20’ rope, you can easily make your own battle rope with a 1.5” Twisted ProManila Rope and some duct tape or electrical tape as the grips. 

battle rope sizes

Creating your own battle rope allows for a more personalized weight and fit based on your needs, allowing you to either size up or down in rope thickness and length for a battle rope exercise routine that challenges you.

Five of the Best Battle Rope Workouts to Try At Home

1. Alternating Rope Whips

man doing alternating rope whip battle rope exercise

If you’re looking for a battle rope exercise targeting several muscle groups, alternate rope whips are it. Alternating rope whips work the biceps, shoulders, forearms, lats, triceps, middle and lower back for a great upper body workout you can feel good about.

To tackle this battle rope exercise, start with ropes in hand and back bent slightly forward as pictured above. Begin to whip the rope, alternating arms with each whip. Try to do five rounds of 30 seconds whipping, 30 seconds resting.

2. Full Circle Wave

The full circle wave is a great battle rope exercise for working your shoulders. To start, bend your knees and keep your upper back slightly bent forward but straight. With one rope in each hand, start by making circles in front of you, moving arms away from your body just far enough that the ropes will not hit each other. 

Try to maintain this movement for a set number of seconds before switching. For instance, try inward circles for 15 seconds, and then switch to outward circles for the next 15 seconds. Rest for 30 seconds, and begin again for five or more rounds.

3. Jumping Power Slams

Looking for a fast total body burn? Look no further than jumping power slams. This explosive movement pairs perfectly with three or four sets of a 400-meter run or an 800-meter bike, with 30 seconds of jumping slams in between.

To start your jumping power slams, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and standing in a quarter squat position. With one rope in each hand and extended arms, lower the ropes down to your sides. Dip into a lower squat and explode into the air while raising both hands overhead.

On your way down, focus on landing softly into a squat and slam the ropes onto the ground in a wave motion. Try to keep your core tight throughout the movement. It sounds like a lot, but once you do it, it will all make sense!

4. Squat to Shoulder Press

If your arms are feeling the burn days after your initial battle rope exercise, the squat to shoulder press battle rope exercise can be a nice retreat for your arms while still providing you with a total body workout.

With feet planted hip-width apart and a battle rope in each hand, begin the workout with a squat and pressing the battle ropes overhead as you come back up into a full standing position. Try four or five rounds of 15 to 20 reps, resting for one minute between each round. Focus on maintaining good posture and fluid movement rather than speed here.

5. Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are one of the best battle rope exercises for working those smaller muscles in and around your shoulders, with a little added burn for those abs, too! Here’s how they’re done:

Start with one end of the rope in each hand and feet about hip-width apart. Bend your elbows, jump your feet out wide, and bring your arms up and out to the sides in a jumping jack position. Maintain bent elbows and lift the ropes to shoulder height. As you jump your feet back together, slam the ropes back down. Do this for intervals of 30 seconds on, 30 seconds of rest for three or four rounds.

Try these fast and effective battle rope workouts at home and start seeing the results resistance training can give you, all while you have fun! Pretty soon, battle rope exercises will become part of your regular routine, and you’ll be a battle rope workout pro. Don’t forget to shop SGT KNOTS for the best affordable battle rope you will find anywhere. Then, be sure to share your favorite workouts with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest!

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