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Arbor Webbing and Stakes

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Trees are pretty awesome.  Certain species are among the oldest and biggest organisms on the planet, and they do a fair amount for humanity, too.  Every now and then, though, trees need a helping hand from us.  When a new tree is just starting out, a combination of wind, soil, and an underdeveloped root system can leave trees susceptible to falling over, and they'll never last for centuries if they're lying on the ground.  The right arbor webbing or tie-down/guying system can mean all the difference in the world to a young tree just starting out, so let SGT KNOTS give your tree a hand!

The SGT KNOTS Arbor Webbing Tie Staking and Guying Kit includes a 20-foot nylon webbing strap (better than rope - rope could cut into the tree) and (4) heavy-duty plastic stakes that will hold onto your tree in almost any weather.  The high-strength nylon webbing and heavy-duty plastic stakes are all you need to keep your tree standing tall and growing strong.  Simply stake one end of the webbing into the ground, wrap around your tree's trunk (above the first branches, to prevent the guy-line from slipping down) then stake down to the other side and repeat if necessary.

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