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rope decoration ideas on wall

7 Ways to Feature Decorative Rope Knots in Your Home or Hangout

From man caves to coastal retreats and every hangout in between, decorative rope knots are an easy way to put a fun twist on your interior (and exterior) design style.

Today, we’ll share several of our favorite decorative rope ideas you may consider adding to your space.

7 Rope Decoration Ideas You’re Going to Love

1. Decorative Rope Knot Crown Molding

Kick your man cave, lakeside retreat, or coastal getaway up a notch when you add a Rope Crown Molding to your walls. Rope home decor is a favorite interior design choice for SGT KNOTS Founder and CEO, Mike Shelley, who installed Twisted Manila Rope crown molding to his SGT KNOTS home office. If you’re looking for something a bit more neutral for a casual nautical theme, the 100% White Twisted Cotton Rope is a great choice.

rope crown molding

2. DIY Jute Dartboard

No man cave or basement bar room is complete without a dartboard. So, why not dress it up to match your interior decor with a DIY Jute Dartboard Barrier? A ½” Twisted Jute Rope provides the perfect amount of wall protection from straying darts while adding a nautical flair.

diy dart board with decorative rope


3. Decorative Rope Lights

Number three on our list of rope home decor are decorative rope light fixtures. Add as few or as many knots as you’d like for a custom look you love, and watch your friends and family admire your creativity!

lighted hanging rope decor hanging rope decor with lightbulb

4. Hanging Rope Decor

There are a thousand different ways to incorporate hanging rope decor into your home or hangout. Whether you want to create custom rope picture frames, hang photo frames, mirrors, or planters on the wall, or dare to be different with shelving hoisted in place by decorative ropes, the (rope wall decor) world is your oyster.

hanging rope decor on wallhanging rope decor with glass bottles

diy hanging rope decor on wallhanging picture with decorative rope knots

5. Decorative Rope Knot Letters

From kitchens and nurseries to man caves, restaurants, home theatres, bar spaces, and more, whatever the message is you want to send out, spell it out in style with decorative rope knot letters. You’ll love how easy it is to twist ½” jute or cotton rope into thick bubble letters or keep it simple and sweet with a delicate cursive design.

decorative rope knot letters

6. Twisted Table Jute Bowls & Runners

Don’t let your tablescape miss out on all of the decorative rope home decor fun! Go wild with twisted jute bowls, hot pads, and table runners, or dress up your centerpieces with a simple jute twine wrap at the base! These also make great holiday gifts, so keep that in mind this holiday season!

7. Outdoor Rope Fence

Now that you have several home decor ideas for the interior, it’s time to think about rope decoration ideas for the exterior of your home, like a Rope Fence Backyard Makeover

decorative rope knot fence for outside

Rope fences are a simple way to separate spaces or create a guided pathway towards things like your garden, dock, or play area. You may also like to incorporate weather-proof Promanila Planter Buckets to keep with your theme, or simply dress up an old and outdated planter.

Shop SGT KNOTS for All of Your Rope Needs

No matter what your design style may be, adding decorative knots with rope to your interior or exterior home design is a quick, easy, and fun way to revamp your space. At SGT KNOTS, we make it easy to find the very best rope and cord products for every reason and every season, whether it’s for work, play, or home design. 

Shop our incredible selection of products today to discover your new must-have rope and cord items for everyday use. Then, be sure to check us out on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and the SGT KNOTS blog for more DIY inspiration and helpful how-to’s!

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