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How to Make Rope Letters

How to Make Rope Letters

Want custom home decor that doesn't break the bank or look like a cookie cutter decoration? Make your own! It's easier than you think, and you probably already have the supplies you need.

Begin by measuring the space where you want to put your letters. Then lay out the corresponding amount of wax paper.

Pencil out the letter(s) that you want to make and lay your rope over it to get a rough idea of how much rope you'll need. Give yourself a little excess just in case.

Pencil Trace for Rope Letter

Wrap the rope in tape where you are going to cut so that it doesn't come unraveled when you cut it. Masking tape or something similar should do the trick. After you have the length of rope you need, replace the tape on the ends with dental floss or any small string. Now you’re ready for the glue.

Rope Letter DIY

Glue Mixture Ingredients:

  • 4 oz Mod Podge or Regular White School Glue  
  • 1/2 cup Cornstarch
  • 1/4 cup Warm Water

Mix together the above ingredients, in order, with a whisk. (Be sure to wash the whisk before it us)

Glue Mix Ingredients - DIY Rope Letters

You have a couple options at this point - you can dip your rope directly into the glue mixture and form it on the wax paper. (This method is much easier with smaller diameter ropes) OR you can 'paint' layers of the glue mix onto the rope in a thick, even coat. We recommend applying a few coats,letting it dry for 10-15 minutes between layers. Don't worry - it will dry clear!

Gluing DIY Rope Letter

Once you have applied all of the glue, let it dry for at least 24 hours to allow it to fully set.

When you're ready to hang, hold the piece up to the wall and make pencil marks where the nails need to go. Hammer in the nails and hang your masterpiece.

Rope Letter Decor DIY

And that's it! Now sit back and enjoy your beautiful homemade  decor.

Find the rope from this tutorial here: Twisted 100% Cotton Rope

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