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rope ceiling trim in office

DIY Crown Molding: How To Install Rope Molding

Whether you’re remodeling your living room or add a special touch to your man cave, SGT KNOTS has the perfect solution to accommodate your next home or commercial remodel; rope crown molding!

manila rope used in diy crown molding project in office space

Wood crown molding has long been a popular crown molding style for adding a touch of luxury and richness to a room. Real rope molding adds a new and unique textured look to crown molding that you and your guests will love.

Adding to the fun is the fact that DIY crown molding made of rope is likely the easiest crown molding installation you will ever make and can help transform your seaside or lakeside bungalow into a nautical paradise or even your mancave at home into a rough and rowdy place to sit and watch the next big game. In fact, rope ceiling trim and molding looks so good, SGT KNOTS Founder and CEO Mike Shelley installed rope molding in his own home office, which you can see in the pictures featured here!

manila rope molding installed in office
manila rope ceiling trim

What Rope To Use For Your DIY Rope Trim Molding?

The kind of rope you choose to use for your rope crown molding design really depends on what look you’re going for. You could be like Mike and use the SGT KNOTS Twisted Manila Rope, a heavy-duty all-purpose natural rope that’s perfect if you’re looking to add that rough and tough element to your space. Or, you may opt-in for a 100% White Twisted Cotton Rope if you’re looking to create a classic nautical look that look adds the perfect amount of texture against ship-lapped walls and a white ceiling.

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How to Install Rope Molding

We weren’t kidding when we said rope molding installation was the easiest DIY crown molding job you’d do! Here’s all you need to do to install your rope ceiling trim:

  1. Cut one length of rope for the entire length of wall or room you plan to add rope molding.
  2. To prevent unraveling, be sure to tape or hot glue the cut ends of the rope before installation.
  3. Once your length is cut and the cut ends are secured, it’s time to install your rope molding to the ceiling! All you’ll need are some decking screws (for heavy rope) or trim nails (for lighter rope). Starting at one end, begin attaching the rope trim to the wall, leaving a 12 to 18-inch space between each nail or screw, checking to make sure the rope sits evenly as you move down the length of the wall.
  4. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your new rope ceiling trim!

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