3 Top Multi-Use Tools for the Great Outdoors

From car camping to backpacking to serious survival prep, there's one rule that always holds true: space is limited. Even if you have a car or truck to haul your gear around, there's only so much that can fit, and...

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Managing Your Paracord

If you're reading this, you probably don't need me to tell you (again) how awesome paracord is. Strong, lightweight, affordable, and most of all versatile, 550 paracord is great in a pinch or in a planned project, whether it's a...

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The Real Military Specs for 550 Paracord

Most commercially available paracord is manufactured without adherence to US military specifications—even cord purported to be "military grade" or "milspec" is often substandard. Fewer inner yarns, corners cut in the manufacturing process, and the use of lower quality raw materials...

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