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5 Must-Have Supplies for Tree Arborists

Having the best arborist supplies isn’t just for showing off. Tree arborists need to trust that the tree climbing gear and accessories that they’re using to scale a tree are designed with the utmost detail and durable construction to keep them safe. That’s why when it comes to arborist supplies, SGT KNOTS makes sure we carry the best tree climbing ropes, pulleys, harnesses, and other must-have supplies arborists can count on to get the job done safely.

If you’re a new tree arborist or a seasoned tree climbing veteran looking for today’s best tools, we’ve got five must-have tree climbing supplies you’re not going to want to miss.

5 Arborist Supplies Tree Climbers Should Never Go Without

1. Teufelberger treeMOTION Climbing Harness

When it comes to top-quality tree climbing supplies, few do it better than Teufelberger. And as the top arborist climbing harness for more than 15 years, the Teufelberger treeMOTION Climbing Harness reigns supreme in any must-have arborist supplies list. 

This specialty climbing harness is praised for its comfort, safety, and functionality. It’s made from premium materials and offers several advantages over its competitors, including UV-resistant seams, a PPE-approved rear tie-in attachment option, comfort back padding, greater range of motion, individual gear loops, stellar load distribution and work positioning with improved safety features like extra stitched seams at both ends of the bridge. The treeMOTION climbing harness is also approved for a total load of 120kg, allowing tree arborists to carry more gear (if needed).

2. Polyethylene Throw Line

Next up on the list of must-have tree climbing supplies is a trusted Polyethylene Throw Line. The SGT KNOTS polyethylene throw line is one of the best tree climbing ropes for various uses. Although light in weight, this water and abrasion-resistant rope features fine braiding 8-15 times stronger than steel and boasts a high tensile strength capable of supporting up to 1,000 pounds. Its flex-fatigue-resistant design makes it a popular arborist rope for lifting and stabilizing slings, plus its vibrant orange color makes it extremely visible in gloomy weather conditions.

3. Arbor Webbing and Stakes

As a professional tree arborist, it’s your job to plant, care for, and maintain tree and plant life. As such, you are responsible for helping manage the growth and development of new tree life and require the right arborist supplies to support your mission. Any professionally trained arborist knows how vital the right arbor webbing can be for a young tree, and we know where you can find the best in the business. SGT KNOTS Arbor Webbing Tie Staking and Guying Kit is a must-have tree arborist supply you’ve got to have in your arsenal of tools. This webbing kit comes with a 20-foot nylon webbing strap and four heavy-duty plastic stakes to hold your young tree in place through various weather conditions.  

All you’ll need to do is stake one end of the webbing into the ground, wrap around your tree's trunk above the first branches ( this will prevent the guy-line from slipping), and stake down to the other side. Repeat this process if necessary for your expected weather conditions.

4. DMM Hitch Climber Eccentric Pulley

An evolution to the classic triple attachment hitch climber, DMM’s new high-strength Hitch Climber Eccentric Pulley offers over ten years of design improvements that have tree arborists raving, including a larger sheave with more efficient roller bearing, a stainless steel axle, optimized rope fairlead flairs, and new pushing plates that advance friction hitches earlier and more efficiently than its competitors or predecessors.

5. ALL GEAR® Husky Double Braided Bull Rope

Another one of the best tree climbing ropes for arborists is the ALL GEAR® Husky Double Braided Bull Rope. Known as one of the highest strength, durable, and most dependable arborist ropes around, the ALL GEAR® Husky Double Braided Bull Rope is trusted by new and experienced climbers alike for several reasons. First, it boasts a thick yet flexible double-braided nylon core, covered with a urethane coating for extra water, weather, and abrasion resistance. The thick polyester jacket offers even more powerful strength and energy absorption capabilities, making it the best rope for a number of tasks, like pulling down a tree, securing limbs, and more. Plus, this rope is available in various diameters for more or less tensile strength capabilities to ensure you have the right rope for the job!

For a Safe Climb Every Time, Shop SGT KNOTS Arborist Supplies

At SGT KNOTS, we take pride in offering today’s best tree climbing accessories and supplies at the most competitive prices anywhere. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an industry expert, SGT KNOTS has the arborist supplies industry professionals count on to get the job done safely and without breaking the bank. 

Browse and shop SGT KNOTS tree climbing supplies today to find the right gear for your next job. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest today to stay in the loop on the latest happenings, product drops, and more!
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