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DIY Horse Tack: How to Braid Paracord To Make Your Own Horse Rope

Horse owners know how rewarding, challenging, and costly caring for a horse can be. With average annual horse maintenance costs in the thousands or even tens of thousands, finding ways to save on food, shelter, and supplies can help reduce your overall maintenance equestrian costs. One way horse owners can cut their costs is with DIY horse tack solutions, such as learning how to braid paracord to make your own braided halters and leads using high quality equine rope.

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Read on to learn how to braid paracord to make your own quality, cost-effective horse tack products using today’s best horse rope from SGT KNOTS!

A Word About Braiding & Paracord

If you’re new to horse ownership, you ought to know that braiding is a time-honored equestrian skill several generations strong. While braiding can–and has been–accomplished using a variety of materials like leather and natural roping, the modern era of braiding horse rope seems to favor paracord. Here’s why:

First used by WWII paratroopers, paracord (short for parachute cord) is a strong, yet thin and lightweight nylon rope that’s resistant to mildew, water, and abrasions. This trusted wartime tactical supply stood the test of time to be one of today’s most sought after supplies utilized by a broad range of people from outdoorsmen to horsemen and everyone in between. Since SGT KNOTS paracord comes in a variety of small diameter lengths ranging from 10-1,000’ and spools, finding the right diameter and amount (and at the best price) for your DIY horse tack is simple.

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What You’ll Need For Your DIY Horse Tack Roping

  • Accurate rope measurements for the halter you want to create
  • Paracord: When braiding paracord, you will require about twice the amount of cord based on your dimensions, so double the end measurement figure
  • Additional horse tack hardware, including shanks, buckles, clips
  • Lighter
  • Scissors

Braiding Paracord Rope

While there are several braiding styles out there, the simplest techniques most often used by crafty equestrians is the three or four strand braid.

  1. Cut the rope into four equal strands.
  2. Line up and tie or melt the ends together, leaving four single strands to braid. Attach the end of your materials to a sturdy, stable object.
  3. Begin braiding the paracord in a traditional braided pattern. Check out this DIY horse tack braiding tutorial that can walk you through the entire process from start to finish.

You can also use your new paracord braiding skills to braid beautiful reins and leads. If you want a thicker finished product, use six or even nine strands. When you want to kick your crafting skills up a notch, try your hand at more complex DIY horse tack braiding patterns, like aztec and chevron patterns, 8-strand mule tape halters, and fringe breast collars. In fact, Braids by Brette offers an online academy for crafty equestrians like yourself to learn how to braid horse tack for cost effective, stylish options your horse will look great in.

how to braid paracord to make your own horse tack

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