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7 Best Camping Knots for Survival

Knowing camping knots and survival knots is essential whether you’re an avid outdoors enthusiast or planning your first trip. Understanding how to tie survival knots can be useful for camping and emergency situations, and some are better suited for specific tasks. Here are seven of the best knots for camping.

1. The Bowline Knot

The bowline knot, aka the "king of knots," is versatile and one of the best camping knots for you to know. You can use it to tie a rope around a tree, secure a piece of gear, or make an emergency tow rope.

How to tie a bowline knot:

  1. Make a small loop near the end of the rope.
  2. Wrap the free ends around the standing part of the rope at least once.
  3. Pull both loose ends to tighten.

2. The Square Knot

You can use the square knot to tie two pieces of rope together, secure a tarp, or make a makeshift bag. This camping knot is strong and secure, making it ideal for tying tents and tarps, which comes in handy when adventuring in the great outdoors. 

How to tie a square knot:

  1. Hold your string in one hand with a loop on either side of your fingers.
  2. Pass the left loop over both sides of your wrist.
  3. Pass the right loop under both sides of your wrist.
  4. Flip the left loop up through the middle, bringing it underneath all the strings.
  5. Take the right loop, slide it from beneath all the strings, and flip it up into the center. 
square knot used as camping knot

3. The Clove Hitch

The clove hitch is one of the best survival knots for you to know when camping as it’s quick and easy to tie, making it helpful in securing ropes in a hurry. You can use it to tie a rope to a tree, attach a tarp to support, or secure gear to a pack. 

How to tie a clove hitch:

  1. Grab one end of your rope in each hand.
  2. Take your right hand's end and cross it over the left end. 
  3. Bring your left hand's end over the crossover and through the loop behind it without letting go of either end of the rope.
  4. Pull both ends at once to tighten. 

4. The Trucker’s Hitch

The trucker's hitch is perfect for securing heavy loads on trailers or roof racks (i.e., to keep your camping gear secure until you get to your location), plus it’s adjustable!

How to tie a trucker’s hitch:

  1. Hold one end of the rope in your left hand.
  2. Use your right hand to make a small loop at the other end of the rope.
  3. Pass the loop over and around the other end to lie along its length.
  4. Feed this loop back through the original loop.
  5. Pull both ends to tighten.

5. The Prusik Knot

The prusik knot is one of the most essential survival knots to know. It helps create a friction grip that will hold your weight and can be used to attach a climbing rope to your harness, create an emergency safety line, or ascend a fixed rope. 

How to tie a Prusik knot:

  1. Thread the end of the rope through a loop of webbing.
  2. Take the end of the rope and make a small loop.
  3. Pass this loop over the standing part of the rope and then through the loop of webbing.
  4. Pull both ends of the rope to cinch the knot.

6. The Sheepshank Knot

The sheepshank is a great knot for shortening rope or creating a loop in the middle of a rope. It is also one of the best knots for camping to secure bundles of rope or make quick repairs on larger pieces of rope. 

How to tie a sheepshank knot:

  1. Make a loop at one end of your rope.
  2. Make another loop next to the first one.
  3. Tuck it underneath the first loop.
  4. Bring the two loose ends around and through each of the outsides of the loops.
  5. Pull both ends to tighten. 

7. The Figure-Eight Knot

The figure-eight knot is strong and stable, making it ideal for use in safety lines and rope rescue situations. As one of the most essential survival knots, it’s important to learn how to tie it before your next camping trip.  

How to tie a figure-eight knot:

  1. Form a figure eight with your rope.
  2. Pass the tail through the loop.
  3. Pull both ends gently to create tension in the knot and secure your object.
figure 8 knot being used as camping knot

Find The Perfect Rope to Tie Your Best Knots for Camping

Now you know how to tie camping knots and survival knots. Next, you’ll want to shop the Tent Guy Lines and Military-Grade Rope and Paracord you need for your next camping trip. To learn more about how to tie the best knots for camping, watch our knot tutorials or visit our blog for more information and tips. You can also explore the world of ropes and knot tying by following SGT KNOTS on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook!

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