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cotton lighted rope garland

DIY Christmas Rope Light Garland

‘Tis the season for beautiful holiday decor, and if you’re a DIY’er looking for a fun holiday-inspired project, we’ve got the perfect one: DIY Christmas rope lights! After all, what would the holiday season be without lots of twinkling, blinking, and shining lights and a little holiday magic?

DIY lighted Christmas rope garland is a quick, affordable, and easy holiday decor project sure to light up your holiday and only requires a few supplies. All you will need for this lighted rope garland tutorial is your rope and string lights of choice, two elastics or rubber bands, and a little imagination.

lighted rope garland laying on mantle at christmaslighted rope garland laying on floor

When choosing a rope product, we recommend using a Twisted Manila Rope or Twisted Jute Rope. Unlike braided rope, twisted manila or jute rope easily unwinds to accommodate your string light application. The thickness of the rope is based on your style preference and intended application. For indoor use, you can even use Twisted Cotton Rope as pictured throughout this blog. Make sure you have enough rope to accommodate the length of your string lights.

close up of lighted rope garland on mantle

DIY Christmas Rope Garland in 3 Simple Steps

1. Separate rope strands

Starting at one end of your rope, separate rope strands and insert the end of your desired string of lights between the rope, so they are even. Secure together with an elastic or rubber band.

2. Push lights between rope strands

With your light strand secured between the rope strands, work your way down the rope, pressing the lights between the twisted rope strands. Twist as you go until you reach the end.

3. Secure Rope & String of Lights Together

Once you’ve reached the end of your rope (see what we did there?), secure the rope string of lights together with your second elastic or rubber band, and trim any excess rope off. Then, get to decorating with your new lighted rope garland!

Christmas Rope Light Decor Ideas

Who knew Christmas rope garland could be so simple? Now that you’re a master at making rope light Christmas decorations, it’s time to plan where you will deck the halls with your newest DIY creation.

For instance, you may choose to use a thinner twisted rope, and a smaller set of string lights to light up your nautical Christmas decor displayed on your mantle, or take your Christmas rope garland for a trip around your tree for a unique rope light Christmas tree look. Don’t be afraid to accent the staircase, porch, or exterior of your home with homemade Christmas rope garland manila rope preferred for outdoor use), or attach your favorite garland accessories like fabric, bows, or greens for an even more festive design. The possibilities are endless!

rope lights on christmas treerope light christmas decorations on mantlelighted rope garland used as christmas decorations on mantleclose up of rope light christmas decorations

Happy Holidays from SGT KNOTS!

No matter how you plan to utilize your new rope light Christmas decorations, we want to see them in action. Be sure to tag SGT KNOTS on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to show us and the world your DIY rope light masterpiece. Then, follow us to stay in the loop on the latest and greatest product releases, DIY tutorials, and blog posts.

From the SGT KNOTS family to yours, we wish you a happy, healthy holiday!

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