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Paracord Fire Starter

$ 14.88
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  • Seven-strand paracord with added natural jute fiber that doubles as fire starting tinder
  • Start fires easily and reliably, even if your cord is exposed to moisture
  • Cheaper and more effective than other other fire cord products
  • Available in Black, OD Green, Tan, and Blaze Orange (with a tan tracer to indicate the jute)
  • Made in the USA and backed by the SGT KNOTS guarantee

All of the reliability, convenience, and flexibility of paracord, with an added fire starting benefit. SGT KNOTS is the creator of the original "fire cord," with an inner strand of natural jute fiber sheathed with the standard seven strands of paracord. Naturally flammable and quick drying, this jute gets wet it can be used as tinder to start a fire even if it gets wetthere's no additive that can wash away and ruin the fire-starting properties of this cord, no smelly mineral oil, no extra mess or fuss (at a fraction of the cost of the smelly stuff!). When you need a fire fast, a short length of this cord will help you get it started no matter what.

The design is simple: a standard seven-strand paracord in nylon sheathing, with the simple addition of natural-fiber jute twinean addition that doesn't diminish the capabilities of your paracord in the slightest, and that gives you access to emergency tinder or kindling whenever you need it. Simply peel back the sheathing, remove as much of the jute as you need, and use your lighter or waterproof matches to get the jute going.

Because jute is natural kindling, not requiring additives that can wash off or lose effectiveness over time, you get consistent fire-starting abilities at a fraction of the cost of other fire cord products. This jute-packing paracord is available in five different colors, too, so you can get your fire started in style. And as with all products made by SGT KNOTS Proud to be a veteran-owned companyit's made entirely in the USA and with only the highest quality materials.

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