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All Gear Arborist Bull Rope

$ 299.95
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Whether you're an arborist with multiple crews and decades of experience, just starting out with your own tree-cutting service, or simply need one of the most high-strength, durable, and dependable ropes around, ALL GEAR Husky Double Braided Bull Rope with Urethane Coating is the first and last rope you want to reach for.  Trusted by leading arborists for years and now distributed exclusively by SGT KNOTS®, this is the rope you know and trust at an unbeatable price and unmatched convenience.

ALL GEAR Husky Double Braided Bull Rope with Urethane Coating has a double-braided nylon core in a thick yet flexible polyester jacket.  This proprietary combination, including Premium Husky Coating, provides the absolute best in abrasion resistance, break strength, and energy absorption.  From pulling a tree down to securing limbs to every other task you need to tackle on the job site, this rope is an arborist's best friend.

Husky Bull Rope Accessory Line has a Polyester Jacket and a Nylon Core to exceed the break strength of Double Braid Polyester.  Premium Husky Coating is applied to provide excellent resistance to abrasion.

  • Color | Diameter | Metric | Average Tensile Strength
    • Pink | 3/8" | 9.5mm | 5000lbs
    • Blue | 1/2" | 12.7mm | 9500lbs
    • Yellow | 9/16" | 14.2mm | 14,000lbs
    • Red | 5/8" | 15.8mm | 18,000lbs
    • Orange | 3/4" | 19mm | 23,000lbs
    • Green | 7/8" | 22.2mm | 32,000lbs
  • Available Lengths:  100ft coil, 150ft coil, 200ft coil, or 600ft spool

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