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Hollow Braid Polyethylene Rope

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Not all ropes are created equal, especially not for all purposes. Sometimes heavy-duty isn't actually what you need; lightweight and economical are more suited to your purpose. For crowd control and path-marking on ski trails, golf courses, outdoor concerts, and even marine settings, a hollow-braid poly (polyethylene rope) with reflective tracers is the professionals' rope of choice. And you won't find a better deal or a better rope than SGT KNOTS Hollow Braid PE Rope.

The 100% high-grade polyethylene monofilament fibers in SGT KNOTS Hollow Braid Rope are ready to stand up to everything the elements and your worksite can muster. Virtually impermeable to moisture, able to withstand prolonged exposure to hot and cold temperatures, resistant to most chemical wear and the sun's UV rays, you can deploy this poly rope in the ice and snow of your ski slopes, on lake surfaces to mark off swimming areas, in construction areas to cordon off danger zones, and anywhere else you need to keep the crowd contained. Meanwhile, the hollow braid construction makes this rope super lightweight, reducing strain on supports and leading to fewer repairs and lower maintenance costs. Plus, you can trek with it for miles and hardly break a sweat!

SGT KNOTS Hollow Braid Polyethylene Rope still packs in plenty of tensile strength, with roughly 1,000 lbs. breaking strength for the 1/4" rope. Also available in diameters of 3/8", and 1/2", our hollow braid rope is sold in lengths of 25 - 1,000 feet, with a variety of color options including Yellow, Orange, and Red. As with all products sold by SGT KNOTS Proud to be a veteran-owned company this rope is 100% backed by the SGT KNOTS guarantee.

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