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How to Make a Macrame Hanging Chair

How to Make a Macrame Hanging Chair

Whether you want to start selling your arts and crafts online, or you want to create products to spruce up your home decor, a DIY macrame hanging chair is an excellent project. Learn how to make a basic macrame chair using this easy-to-follow step by step DIY macrame hanging chair tutorial, followed by how to hang a macrame chair in your space!

How to Make a Macrame Hanging Chair

With this step-by-step guide, you can quickly learn how to make a macrame hanging chair. You'll need just a few supplies and some patience to create this relaxing staple.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies 

You’ll need macrame cord, scissors, four wooden dowels to create the base (size depends on how big you want your base to be), a screwdriver and screws, and a wooden beam to hang your chair from. Once you have everything you need, it's time to start knotting! 

Step 2: Learn Knots for Your DIY Macrame Hanging Chair

You can use various knots for this project, but the half hitch is a good option for beginners. To create a half hitch, make a loop in your rope and pass the end around the standing part of the rope. Then, pull the end through the loop to tighten. 

Use this knot-tying method to create four long strands that will attach to your base and to the wooden beam for hanging. Repeat this process until your rope is the desired length. 

Step 3: Create the Frame for Your Hanging Macrame Chair

Next, it's time to build the frame of your chair. Place your four wooden dowels in the shape of a square, and screw them together at the ends to create a frame for the seat.

Step 4: Fill in Your Frame with Rope

Once your frame is built, complete the base with knotted rope. Start by folding a piece of rope in half and loping it around one end of the frame. Feed the rest of the rope through the looped end. Do this as many times as needed to fill one dowel with rope. Then, use the half hitch knot to create knotted strands that reach from one end of your base to the other and tie it off.

How to Hang a Macrame Chair

Once you finish your hanging macrame chair, it’s time to hang it. Your four long stands should be attached to the wooden beam, and you’ll use a ceiling hook to attach the beam to your ceiling (or wherever you want to hang it). You can purchase a ceiling hook online from Amazon and follow the instructions to get your DIY macrame hanging chair off the ground. 

Up Your Craft Game with SGT Knots

At SGT Knots, we have the craft rope you need to bring your macrame projects to life, whether a DIY macrame hanging chair or a macrame plant hanger. If you found this step by step DIY macrame hanging chair tutorial helpful, be sure to watch our knot tutorials or visit our blog for information and tips on macrame crafts. You can also explore the world of ropes and knot tying by following SGT KNOTS on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook!

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