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Macrame Cord Cotton Twine

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$ 10.38
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Whether you're cooking, crafting, or concocting a contraption for your camping/survival needs, SGT KNOTS® Cotton Twine / Macrame Cord is the best twine for the job.   Lightweight, durable, and completely food-safe, this all-natural twine also keeps its all-natural look, making it a favorite among DIY decorators and home chefs alike. 

Commonly used in Macrame©, for tying roasts, bundling herbs, as garden ties, and tons of other applications around the home and in the great outdoors, this is one twine you won't have to think twice about.  Made from 100% natural cotton, SGT KNOTS® Cotton Twine / Macrame© Cord is unbleached, undyed, and unadulterated, arriving at your door just as strong and safe as nature intended.  Able to withstand high oven temperatures and to stand up typical garden moisture for weeks or months, this cord is also completely biodegradable and compostable, it can help your tomato plants stand up, then provide some needed nutrients as it breaks down and turns into soil.

  • Diameters:  #15 (1.32 mm), #18 (1.52 mm), #21 (1.70 mm), #24 (1.85 mm), #36 (2.16 mm), #60 (2.95 mm), or #72 (3.17 mm)
  • Lengths:  89ft, 100ft, 107ft, 134ft, 179ft, 200ft, 215ft, 268ft, 358ft, 400ft, 430ft, 716ft, and 800ft
  • Color:  Natural White

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