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5 Unique Bungee Cord Uses in Your Home

A bungee cord is a wonderful invention that can be used for a variety of purposes. It’s made of a strong, elastic material that can stretch and then return to its original shape, making it ideal for use as a shock absorber or for tying down objects. Bungee cords are commonly used to secure luggage on top of vehicles or to hold tarps in place. They are also popular with campers and hikers who use them to attach gear to their packs. But what about bungee cord uses in the home? There are actually tons of bungee cord hacks you can use around the house on a daily basis!

5 Unique Bungee Cord Uses to Try Today

If you ever find yourself in need of a little extra support or stability, a bungee cord can be a handy tool to have around the house. Bungee cords are quite versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes, from bungee cord storage ideas to decorations and more. Here are five unique bungee cord uses to try around your home. 

1. Create a Temporary Clothesline

If you have a few items that need to dry but don't want to run an energy-intensive load of laundry, try stringing up a clothesline with some bungee cord. Just secure the cord to two sturdy points (such as door handles or banisters) and drape your wet clothing over it. Voila–instant drying rack!

2. Keep Trash Bags in Place

You know when you throw something heavy into your trash can, and it pulls the bag down with it? You can avoid that entirely with one of the best bungee cord hacks. Simply place your trash bag in your can with some overhang. Then, secure a bungee cord on top of the bag and make sure it’s tight. That’s it–now your trash bag won’t slip into the can!

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3. Hang Pictures

Not everyone is an ace at using a hammer and nail to hang pictures, but that's where a bungee cord comes in handy. Just loop the cord around your picture frame and secure it to two points on the wall. No mess, no fuss–and your artwork will stay perfectly level. To ensure your cords work well with your home’s aesthetic, shop for decorative bungee cords to find a color that looks great inside your home. 

4. Build a Bungee Cord Chair

Building a bungee cord chair is a fun and easy project you can complete in just a few hours. The first step is to cut two pieces of plywood to the desired size. Next, drill four holes in each piece of plywood, spaced evenly apart. These holes will be used to thread the bungee cord through. Once the holes are drilled, thread the bungee cord through them, tying knots at each hole to secure it. Finally, attach the two pieces of plywood using screws or braces.

5. Design Storage Bins

There are tons of bungee cord storage ideas you can use in your home and garage. For a simple toy or sports ball rack, you need two wooden frames and four bungee cords. Nail the wooden frames to the wall about four feet apart from each other vertically. Then, drill holes in each wooden frame, spaced evenly apart. Hook your bungee cord in a hole on the top frame and the matching hole on the bottom frame. The four vertical bungee cords will keep sports balls, stuffed animals, blankets or pillows stored away. 

The Best Bungee Cord for Your In-Home Bungee Cord Uses

Now that you know bungee cord hacks for your home, you just need some high-quality cords from SGT Knots to use. Our Marine Grade Bungee Cords with 2 Hooks come in six colors and eight lengths–ranging from 16 inches to 72 inches. And for when you need something extra stretchy, our Super Stretch Bungee with Hooks doesn’t disappoint. Whether you’re looking for decorative bungee cords for hanging pictures or heavy-duty cord for bungee cord storage ideas, we have options to suit your needs.  

 To find more home hacks, you can watch our knot tutorials or visit our blog for information and tips on using cords around your house. You can also explore the world of ropes and knot tying by following SGT KNOTS on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook!

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