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Life-Saving Survival Hacks Using Shoelace Knots: 6 Tips & Tricks

Life-Saving Survival Hacks Using Shoelace Knots: 6 Tips & Tricks

Everyone should know a few basic survival hacks, and one of the most versatile tools you have at your disposal is a shoelace. With a little creativity, shoelaces can be used for everything from building a shelter to starting a fire. Knowing shoelace tips and tricks could be what you need to survive a life or death situation. By keeping your shoelaces in good condition and always having an extra pair on hand, you can utilize these shoelace ideas for survival and make it through an emergency situation.

6 Shoelace Tips and Tricks and Survival Hacks 

While you probably know how to tie basic shoelace knots, there are lots of other shoelace tricks that can come in handy in a survival situation. Here are six survival hacks with shoelaces you can learn today!

1. Escape From Zip Tie Handcuffs

If you find yourself in an unfortunate situation where you have been detained with your hands zip tied together, you can break free using nothing but a shoelace. Here’s how:

  1. Untie your shoelaces.
  2. Remove shoelaces from the top eyelet (or more if you need more length).
  3. Place one shoelace through the zip ties.
  4. Tie the shoelaces together.
  5. Separate your legs and kick one leg forward while pulling the other leg toward your body.
  6. Pull the extended leg into your body and kick the bent leg forward.
  7. Repeat steps 5-6 until the plastic on the zip tie breaks.

2. Make a Tourniquet

Whether on a backpacking trip, camping with the family, or out fishing, you may encounter snakes. In the rare event you get bitten by a snake, you can use your shoelaces as a tourniquet. Simply remove your shoelaces and tie them around where you’ve been bitten. Turning shoelace knots into tourniquets can decrease blood flow through a vein or artery, providing you more time to seek help.

3. Hang Food from Trees

Traditionally, people use ice chests and vehicles to protect food when camping. But if you find yourself in a situation where you do not have any supplies and want to keep your food safe, hang it from a tree using your shoelace. This will ensure that no critters steal your food when you are sleeping.

4. Secure Shelter 

It can be alarming to find yourself in the wilderness without shelter, but with creativity and resourcefulness, you can stay safe and dry. One way to build a secure shelter is to use shoelace knots. Start by finding two trees roughly the same height and width apart. Then, tie one end of the shoelace around the first tree and stretch it across to the second tree. Next, tie the other end of the lace around the second tree. Now you have a sturdy rope connecting the two trees. To complete the shelter, simply drape a tarp or blanket over the rope and secure it in place with rocks or logs. With this simple shoelace trick, you can create a safe and reliable structure that will protect you from the elements.

5. Fishing Line 

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to catch fish but don't have any fishing line, don't worry–you can use a shoelace as a makeshift line. All you need is a sharp object to use as a hook (a nail, a piece of metal, etc.) and your shoelace. First, tie one end of the shoelace around the hook. Then, holding the other end of the lace, cast your line into the water. The weight of the hook will help carry the line into the water. Once the line is in the water, jiggle it around to attract fish. When a fish bites, pull on the line to reel it in. 

6. Start a Fire

You can start a fire using the bow drill method, which only requires a shoelace, a flat piece of wood, and a stick. First, tie the shoelace to an arched stick on each end, creating a bow. Then, wrap the shoelace around a flat stick. Next, place the flat piece of wood on the ground and put your foot on it to hold it in place. Next, take the bow in your hand and place the stick on the flat piece of wood. Move the bow back and forth while the stick is applied to the wood on the ground. This will create friction, which will generate heat. Eventually, this will create a small ember. Once you have an ember, carefully transfer it to a pile of tinder and blow on it until it catches fire. With practice, you'll be able to start a fire using your shoelaces.

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Although most people don't give shoelaces a second thought, these shoelace tips and tricks are life-saving survival hacks that could come in handy. Now all you need is a good pair of shoelaces. Our Paracord 550 Boot Laces and Sonic Tip Boot Laces are durable, high-quality laces that will perform when you need them most. To learn more useful shoelace tricks, watch our knot tutorials or visit our blog. Explore the world of ropes and knot tying by following SGT KNOTS on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook today!

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