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Sonic Tip Boot Laces

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$ 5.63
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SGT KNOTS® Sonic Tipped Boot Laces are the perfect heavy-duty replacement lace for hiking boots, work boots, combat boots, and more!  Our patented sonic tip technology presses and heats the lace material at both ends to form durable, fray-proof tips.


  • Diameter:  5/32"
  • Lengths:  45",  54",  60",  72",  84",  100", and 100ft spools
  • Colors:  Black, Brown, Brown/Gold, 

We also offer bulk shipping in 100 foot spools, if you want to create custom lengths.  Please note:  bulk spools do not come pre-made with ultra-heated sonic tips, you must cut your desired length and then melt the ends together with a lighter or torch.

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