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Polyester Scuba Reel Line | Multiple Colors

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SGT KNOTS® Polyester Scuba Reel Line is in a class of its own. Guaranteed to last longer and perform better than soft nylon diving lines on the market. Our tightly weaved polyester is heat treated, hydrophobic and preshrunk to protect against abrasion, elongation, and water absorption. The line is round and firm with ample flexibility, easy to secure to any boat, buoy, and hand reel. Perfect for beginners, hobbyists, and professional divers. Whether you're cave diving or exploring the ocean floor, SGT KNOTS® Scuba Reel Line won't let you down.


  • HI-Visibility, Neon Colors: Orange, White, and Yellow
  • Sizes, length/diameter per pound: #18/900ft/9.50lb, #24/675ft/9.00lb, #36/420ft/8.75lb, #48/320ft/8.50lb, and #60/250ft/8.50lb.