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Locking Carabiners

  • 63mm x 109mm / Blue / Screwgate DMM-UO-Screw-Blue SGT KNOTS Carabiner 63mm x 109mm / Titanium Red / Kwiklock DMM-UO-Kwik-TitaniumRed SGT KNOTS Carabiner

    DMM UltraO Carabiner

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    $ 16.95 - $ 35.95
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    Standard carabiners are used across the world by professionals and novices.  The classic oval shape simplifies numerous connections while the round...

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    Original price $ 16.95 - Original price $ 35.95
    Original price
    $ 16.95 - $ 35.95
    $ 16.95 - $ 35.95
    Current price $ 16.95

Locking carabiners are a crucial tool for climbers looking to ensure their safety while ascending or belaying. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced climber, SGT KNOTS offers a wide selection of locking carabiner in various sizes and features for all your climbing needs, and always at unbeatable prices. Shop our selection of locking carabiners and Climbing Products for all of your climbing essentials!

What Are Locking Carabiners?

Most carabiners have an open gate, secured by a mechanical fitting and pressure applied via an internal spring. Ordinary carabiners can be opened by simply pressing on the gate arm. The reasoning behind the basic design is that for an accidental opening to occur, the carabiner gate arm would have to be pressed on from the outside. This is considered to be unlikely, plus, your climbing rope is usually only expected to apply outward pressure from within the loop. Therefore, ordinary, non-locking carabiners are considered safe for most applications.

A locking carabiner, by contrast, incorporates a metal sleeve that slides over the gate opening, making it impossible (or extremely unlikely) for the gate to open without the user intending it to open. The sleeve has to be unlocked or unscrewed before it can be maneuvered out of the locked position.

So, when might you need something like this? There are seven distinct instances that call for locking carabiners.

When to Use Locking Carabiners

1. For Belay

Any time there is a reasonable expectation that your rope may press on the gate from an unexpected direction, that is a reason for locking carabiners.

2. Belay from Above

When another is belaying above you, that is even more reason to use locking carabiners, since the consequences of failure are more severe.

3. Attaching to an Anchor

Any time you attach your line to an anchor, which you hope to be able to stop a fall by itself, then a locking carabiner is appropriate and recommended.

4. For Top-Rope Anchors

Most of the time when a carabiner is in danger of opening, you will be close to it, but not with top-rope carabiners.

5. As Bail Carabiners

Any time you have to abandon a route, it's best to use a locking carabiner for your last anchor on that route.

6. Critical Loads

Any load that you cannot afford to drop, (including yourself), should get a locking carabiner, and using steel carabiners is recommended.

7. Advanced Climbing Systems

Advanced climbers performing difficult or unorthodox maneuvers should use lockers almost exclusively.

Shop Today’s Best Locking Carabiners at SGT KNOTS

At SGT KNOTS, we have a great selection of locking carabiner types, sizes, and features for all of your secure climbing needs. Any of these products will perform well in a range of circumstances. Likewise, each is going to be ideal in specific types of situations. 

Check out our selection for the best value for your necessary climbing equipment! For even more tips and product recommendations, you’ll love the SGT KNOTS Blog. Need to brush up on your knot tying skills before your next climb? Our Knot Tutorials can help. Browse and shop today!