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SGT KNOTS Landscape with decorative ropes are perfect for your next rope fence or landscaping project.  Here, you will find an incredible selection of high-quality Manila Rope, ProManila (UnManila) Rope, and synthetic Landscape Rope to suit your needs.

Want to create things like DIY Promanila Planter Buckets, but you are not sure how?  Visit the SGT KNOTS Blog today and discover what our landscape rope products and tutorials can do for you!

Types of Landscape and Decorative Rope


Manila is a natural, all-purpose material known for its flexibility, durability, and salt water-resistance.  When made into rope, it is an excellent natural option for landscape rope, decorative rope, and even Marine Rope.  

SGT KNOTS Twisted Manila Rope is a 100% natural Manila hemp decorative rope that actually produces an organic mineral oil, helping bond the strands together for even more strength.  Whether you need a safe and natural rope for landscaping, gardening, or decoration, our twisted manila rope is a great option.   


ProManila Rope (also commonly referred to as “UnManila”) is a stronger, lighter alternative rope option to Manila rope.  Unlike Manila Rope, ProManila is a man-made decorative rope made with polypropylene fibers impervious to water, mold, UV light, and mildew.  ProManila is also buoyant, making it a great outdoor landscape and decorative rope option in virtually any setting.

SGT KNOTS Twisted ProManila Rope is a strong and affordable rope option that looks and feels like manila decorative rope while holding up much better to wear, tear, oil, chemicals, and outdoor environments.  We also carry a Hollow Braided ProManila that looks like twisted manila but mimics the impressive, long-lasting qualities of polypropylene ropes.  This landscape rope is a great all-purpose rope for many outdoor applications.

Enjoy our Manila and ProManila ropes in a great selection of diameters and lengths perfect for projects of any size.

Landscape Rope

Are you looking for a plastic rope resistant to UV, sunlight, moisture, acids, alkalis, chemicals, and rot?  If so, SGT KNOTS Landscape Rope is for you!  This plastic landscape rope is a flexible, low-stretch rope that is easy to splice.  It comes in classic colors like black and white, lengths ranging from 50’ to 600’ and a 1/2” thickness.

At SGT KNOTS, we work hard to deliver our loyal customers natural and synthetic landscape ropes at incredible prices.  Whether you need a small amount of decorative rope for a single project or want to Order in Bulk to save yourself time, money, and hassle, SGT KNOTS has the roping products and solutions you need to get any job done right every time.  Shop today!