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Eye Splicing Hollow Braid Rope

Eye Splicing Hollow Braid Rope

Hollow core rope acts in the same way that a Chinese Finger Trap does. The more tension you put on the rope, the tighter it will hold the splice. Use this technique anytime you need a hand hold in one end, or to neatly finish off the end of a rope.

If you don't have a fid handy, you can just tape the end of your rope.

Find the Hollow Braid Polyethelene Rope we used in the video HERE.

To make your splice even more secure, you can pull the inner cord even further down the rope. You can also use your fid to pass right through the rope, in one side and out the other, as many times as you wish. Kind of like sewing with a needle and thread, keeping the stitches as close as possible. Finish off the end as described above with at least six inches on the inside.

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