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Bowline On A Bight

Bowline On A Bight

A Bowline on a Bight is used to create a secure loop in the middle of a rope. This is most commonly used as a hand or foothold. 

It can also be used as a Bosun’s Chair: Because two loops are created it has been claimed that the Bowline on a Bight makes an emergency bosun’s chair which is more comfortable than a single loop. One loop can go round each thigh with the free tail going round the chest for security. Alternatively, one loop would go round the chest and one round the thighs. However, unless the rope was a couple of inches or more in diameter it would require a demanding emergency to make one really appreciate the “comfort” of either of these bosun’s chairs.

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The rope we used in the video is ¼" Utility Rope (Royal Blue): a basic, affordable, all-purpose and all-weather rope. Be sure to read our how to tie a bowline post for more information. 

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