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Woven Polyester Cord Strap - Heavy-Duty Woven Poly Cord Strapping - Flexible and Versatile 3/4"

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The best alternative to metal strapping. Southline Woven Poly Cord Strap secure loads of lumber during transportation as an alternative to steel banding. Safer, lighter and stronger! Our Polyester Woven Banding is generally lighter and easier to handle than rigid materials, which can make it easier and more efficient to use for workers, and can also save on shipping costs.

The woven straps are stronger than the alternative with high cross-directional strength. It has a lot of filaments, which are interwoven for a stronger bond, with an additional stiffener on the strap, so it's rigid enough to be used in all industrial applications. It also has a high absorbency of shock and won't be able to loosen up.

Polyester Woven Banding is a more flexible and versatile option compared to more rigid strapping materials such as steel or wire. This flexibility allows it to conform to the shape of the cargo or item being secured, providing a more secure and stable hold. Additionally, the flexibility of the material makes it less likely to cause damage to the cargo or item being secured, by reducing the risk of punctures or abrasions.

Our Polyester Woven Banding is also more resistant to wear and tear, and can withstand harsh environments such as extreme temperatures and weather conditions, making it suitable for outdoor and industrial use. It also has a longer lifespan than rigid materials, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Our Woven Poly Cord Strap is a good alternative and very economical to use. It is strong and durable and very reliable material to pack even heavy loads. Perfect for pallets banding and heavy packages securing across a multitude of industries (wide loads, packaged glass, pipes, metal billets, ingots, timber, stone, spools, brick, foam blocks, etc.)