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WD-CoPolymer 1/2 x 1200 - TEAL

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CoPolymer 1/2"x1200' - Teal

The Twisted Polypropylene Rope is the cord of choice when it comes to tough jobs on land or water. Each cord is composed of 3, twisted strands of 100%, USA Made Polypropylene fiber making Polypro Rope is strong and durable. Designed to withstand most anything you can think of. Twisted Polypropylene Rope is resistant to abrasion, brittleness caused by the sun, chemicals, oil, and moisture. Its water resistance is not the only thing that makes it perfect for use in a lake or pool, this rope also floats so you never have to worry about losing it. The Twisted Polypropylene Rope can also be brought to the work site, the flexible, low-stretch rope is able to retain knots well and has a high tensile strength making it perfect for all your needs.

  • TWISTED POLYPROPYLENE ROPE: Created with 100% PolyPro fibers to be used in a range of indoor or outdoor setting like lakes, pools, work sites, around the home, camping, fishing, boating, crafting, etc.
  • USE IN ANY TYPE OF ENVIRONMENT: Resistant to abrasion, brittleness caused by the sun, chemicals, moisture, oil, and weather - Can float on water
  • ECONOMICAL CHOICE: Polypropylene Rope is less expensive than nylon and polyester while still sharing the same beneficial features - low-stretch, excellent knot retention, and high-tensile strength
  • MADE IN THE UNITED STATES: ensures premium, high-quality standards