Unglazed Cotton Tie Line

$ 8.95
  • Unglazed black cotton tie-line/trick line
  • Black Poly inner cord in braided cotton sheath
  • High durability, easy tying and retying
  • 1/8" diameter; 100-, 300-, 600-, 1000-, and 3000-foot spools
  • Made in the USA and Backed by the SGT KNOTS Guarantee

Hunters, trappers, anglers, crafters, film and theatre makers, and twine enthusiasts of all types love SGT KNOTS Unglazed Cotton Tie-Line/Trick Line. Its strength, versatility, and durability make it great to use in a variety of applications, easily knotting, untying, and retying again and again. The cotton sheathing provides a soft feel, with tight braiding to prevent frays and keep the core of stretch-resistant synthetic fibers protected. With 80lbs of test strength, this cord can be tied as tight as you'd like and it will still be ready to take an impact, spring a trap, or hold onto the most wriggly fish.

This 1/8" diameter cotton tie-line/trick line from SGT KNOTS contains an inner nylon core to provide strength and durability, while the braided cotton jacket keeps makes for comfortable use and easy knotting and unknotting. It's the best of both twine worlds, all in one magnificent spool. Whatever you need to tie and wherever you need to tie it, this cotton line is up to the task and then some.

As with everything made and sold by SGT KNOTS-proud to be a veteran-owned company-the #8 SGT KNOTS Unglazed Cotton Tie-Line/Trick Line is made right here in the USA of the highest quality materials, and is backed by the SGT KNOTS guarantee. Currently available in spools of 100 feet, 300 feet, 600 feet, 1,000 feet, and 3,000 feet.

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