Twisted Poly Dacron Rope

$ 17.95
  • Polyester / dacron rope with polyolefin inner strands
  • Lightweight, strong, durable and affordable
  • Resistant to abrasion, chemical wear, moisture, and weather
  • White with colored tracers; available in multiple sizes/strengths
  • 100% backed by the SGT KNOTS guarantee

This rope uses 100% dacron polyester fibers to provide a strong outer sheath resistant to all kinds of wear and degradation. The inner strands are made from polyolefin fibers, preserving the rope's light weight without diminishing its strength—and keeping its cost lower, too. SGT KNOTS 3 Strand Twisted Polyester / Dacron Rope is popular for rope railings, climbing and obstacle courses, jungle gyms, and as an all-purpose, all-weather rope for camping, cargo, or practically anything else.

Soft to the touch and offering a great grip, SGT KNOTS 3 Strand Twisted Polyester / Dacron Rope is white with colored tracers and available in a variety of sizes and strengths. As with all products sold by SGT KNOTS—proud to be a veteran-owned company—this polyester / dacron rope is 100% backed by the SGT KNOTS guarantee.

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