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Twisted Nylon Seine Twine

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Our industrial quality seine twine is a general purpose utility twine featuring exceptional resistance to wear and tear, a high tensile strength, and all around versatility, making it an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor applications.

The nylon strands are twisted during production for increased strength and less stretch. Nylon fiber carry built in environmental resistance to moisture, UV rays, chemicals, oil, and weather: will not degrade or lose strength in direct sunlight, or when submerged in water. Our nylon seine cord can handle heavy loads and high tension with minimal stretch and absolutely no distortion. Low elasticity makes this cord ideal for fishing nets and other marine applications. Toss some in your backpack or bug out bag for camping, boating, fishing, hunting, survival and more!


  • Color: White
  • Lengths: 161ft, 180ft, 265ft, 318ft, 399ft, 485ft, 541ft, 635ft, 750ft, 915ft, 1167ft, 1563ft, 1890ft, or 2268ft
  • Diameters: #9 (1.07 mm), #12 (1.20 mm), 15 (1.32 mm), 18 (1.52 mm), #21 (1.70 mm), #24 (1.85 mm), #30 (1.98 mm), #36 (2.16 mm), #42 (2.35 mm), #48, #60 (2.95 mm), #72 (3.17 mm), #96, #120