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Twisted Nylon Mason Line #18

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Whether you're a professional bricklayer, a homeowner with a DIY project, or just need a handy all-purpose heavy-duty string to keep around, SGT KNOTS Twisted Nylon Mason Line #18 is here to do the job. With a test strength of approximately 160 lbs., this line is more than up to the job of holding a straight, sag-free line to keep your masonry straight and level, but that's just the beginning. Need an impromptu fishing line? A sturdy crafting twine? Give this twisted mason line a whirl, and it won't disappoint.

Made from 100% nylon, SGT KNOTS Twisted Mason Line #18 is resistant to wear and abrasion, you can trowel away without fear, and use it it many other high-stress applications without a loss of performance. Also resistant to moisture, sunlight, acid, oils, and most other chemical wear, this line's versatility and durability in the face of a diverse array of circumstances is second to none.

Currently available in white, flourescent orange, flourescent pink, and fluorescent yellow, this #18 twisted mason line comes on convenient spools of 275, 550, and 1,100 feet. You'll always have plenty on hand, and it stores away just as easily as it deploys!

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