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Tuff Tying Polypropylene Twine

$ 66.21
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Twine is a business staple for many entrepreneurs, but the price can really make you want to unleash the tiger. Your twine doesn't need to be name-brand to deliver durability and reliability you've come to expect—not since SGT KNOTS® Tuff Tying Polypro Tying Twine pounced onto the market. Built to meet or exceed the standards of top-selling twines, this tying twine will handle all of your bundling needs without clawing a hole in your budget.

SGT KNOTS® Tuff Tying Polypro Tying Twine is a 100% industrial-grade polypropylene twine delivered to you in a ready to dispense cardboard pull box. Whatever you're tying up, tying down, or tying together, SGT KNOTS has the twine for you: 1-ply at 145lbs., 2-ply at 315lbs., and 3-ply at 480lbs. And because this twine can endure as well as any wildcat, you can deploy it with confidence in rain, sun, hot, cold and in virtually an industrial setting.

You can enjoy flexibility when it comes to the amount of twine you need. SGT KNOTS® Tuff Tying Polypro Tying Twine is available in lengths of 3500 ft, 8500 ft, 105000 ft (1-ply), and 4200 ft (2-ply) or 2800 ft (3-ply). As with all things made and sold by SGT KNOTS®—proud to be a veteran-owned company—this tying twine is 100% backed by the SGT KNOTS® guarantee. 

  • 100% industrial-grade polypropylene tying twine
  • Meets or exceeds standards of leading brands
  • Withstands wear from sunlight, moisture, extreme temperatures, and most chemical exposure
  • Available in 1-, 2-, and 3-ply in varying lengths
  • 100% backed by the SGT KNOTS® guarantee
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