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Teufelberger Tachyon Climbing Rope

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$ 240.00
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This widespread climbing rope is idyllic for use with mechanical systems!  It is one of the most successful 24-strand, solid braid ropes because of its firm and flexible construction.  The low stretch capacity at low loads stops the bounce while climbing.  The high stretch at high loads lessens the shock effect during a fall incident.

 The polyester cover meaningly advances any friction-hitch performance without the dreaded bagginess.  The polyamide core delivers a constant 11.5mm diameter including the loaded state.  These characteristics make this Teufelberger rope perfect for tree care operations as it guarantees an improved grip which reduces hand exhaustion, including ease of splicing!


  • EN 1891A
  • ANSI Z133-20112


  • Elongation:  20%
  • Knotability:  60
  • Minimum Break Strength:  5500 lbs


  • 5mm (7/16”)
  • Colors:  Ash, Green/Blue, Orange/Blue
  • Lengths:  150ft, 200ft, 600ft, 3600ft

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