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Tendon Dynamic 9.4 Master Eco - Orange 9.4mm x 60M

Original price $ 196.18 - Original price $ 228.88
Original price
$ 196.18
$ 196.18 - $ 228.88
Current price $ 196.18

Tendon Dynamic 9.4 Master Eco - Orange

by Tendon

Original price $ 196.18 - Original price $ 228.88
Original price
$ 196.18
$ 196.18 - $ 228.88
Current price $ 196.18

The Tendon Master ECO is the perfect size rope to reduce weight but still have good durability.  The Master ECO uses a revolutionary environmentally friendly dry treatment to protect the rope from moisture using a PFC-free solution.  The Master ECO is UIAA certified and is a great rope for single-pitch or multi-pitch climbing. 

ECO Shield
New revolutionary solution designed to enhance the performance and durability of climbing ropes with a complete dry treatment while minimizing environmental impact.  With our Eco Shield Dry Treatment, we have developed an advanced method to provide superior water repellency, ensuring that your rope remains highly resistant to moisture. By treating both the core and sheath with our PFC-free Eco impregnation, we create a protective layer that effectively repels water.  Unlike traditional treatments, our solution is free from fluorinated hydrocarbons C8 or C6, making it environmentally friendly without compromising on performance. We are proud to say that our PFC-free rope meets the UIAA water-repellent standard, ensuring both top-notch quality and a greener approach.

Single ropes
For ascent where only one rope is used. This is the most basic and widely used method of using rope for ascents.

online tool designed for revising and tracking the condition of ropes. The application is available in Google Play or available on the Web interface. To register use TeNOTE code on the product packaging.

SBS - Simple Braid System
SBS – braiding system where each strand is plaited separately into the sheath construction and not in pair (tandem). SBS braiding makes the sheath surface much more compact and smoother. Therefore ropes made by SBS generate much lower friction, are more resistant to abrasion and last longer while in contact with rocks.

Our own special technology has been used for the ends of the rope. In a length of 15 mm, the core strand and sheath are connected into one unit.

Midpoint of rope
At half of the length, the rope is visibly marked by colored band, which does not affect the core structure and its mechanical properties. Lengths 30 - 80 m only.

CE - symbol of compliance
This symbol confirms that the product meets safety requirements specified in the relevant European regulations. The number following symbol (e.g. CE1019) is number of notified body which performs checking of production: VVUÚ, a.s., Pikartská 1337/7, 71607 Ostrava- Radvanice, Czech Republic.

Products marked with this symbol meet UIAA requirements.  The UIAA is the International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation.

  • 9.4mm x 60M Orange
  • 9.4mm x 70M Orange


Single Rope
Rope diameter (mm) 9.4
Weight (g/m) 58
Number of UIAA falls 6
Max impact force (kN) 7.9
Sheath slippage (%) 0
Static elongation (%) 6.4
Dynamic elongation (%) 37
Knotability 0.9