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Rubber Mover Bands

$ 12.54
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SGT KNOTS large mover bands are a simple and effective way to secure, organize, and store your belongings during a big move. We offer four distinct colors you can use to mark and code your items prior to the move, so unpacking is quick and painless. Our large rubber bands are perfect for blankets, sheets, clothing, coat hangers, cable bundles, camping equipment, and securing cardboard boxes without packing tape. For outdoor enthusiasts, these elastic bands are a great tool for quickly consolidating gear into easy to manage bundles.

Product Features:

  • Four Colors: Beige, Green, Dark Blue, and Red.
  • Four Sizes: Small (25 inches), Medium (30 inches), Large (36 inches), and Extra Large (42 inches).
  • Bulk Options: 12-pack, 24-pack, 36-pack, 48-pack, and 300-pack.

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