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Rock Exotica Pirate Auto-Lock (Aluminum)

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Rock Exotica Pirate Auto-Lock (Aluminum)

As an HMS, pear-shaped carabiner, the Pirate easily accommodates the use of a
wide range of gear, webbing or ropes – either as a belay biner at the harness, or as
a connector in a system. The Pirate’s robust 0.5" diameter round frame will endure
abuse from dirty ropes and metal connectors far beyond stamped carabiners with
thin edges. It’s durability matched with Rock Exotica’s build quality ensures an
impressive service life for the working professional or recreational enthusiast.

• The 3-stage Auto-Locking carabiner features a pull-down and twist action — a
  motion that’s more intuitive and natural for your hand.
• Rock Exotica’s WireEye combines the utility of a standard carabiner with the safety
  and capability of a lanyard pin, or captive eye. Holds gear, lanyards, and lines
  with enough resistance to help prevent gear from moving past the end of the
  carabiner, but releases easily.
• Pairs seamlessly with the Unicender and other mechanical devices.


• Major axis MBS: 24 kN
• Minor axis MBS: 9 kN
• Open gate MBS: 6 kN
• Inward against sleeve MBS: 6 kN
• Gate opening: 0.93" (22 mm)
• Weight: 2.85 oz (80 gm)


• Major axis ABS: 26 kN
• Minor axis ABS: 12 kN
• Open gate ABS: 7 kN
• Gate Opening: 1" (25mm)
• Weight: 2.9 ounces