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Printed Pull Tape

$ 149.95
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Once you have all your ducts in a row, SGT KNOTS Printed Pull Tape is the right webbing to get the job done.  High-quality and low-price, this narrow polyester webbing slides through conduit smoothly while keeping your wires and cables secure.  Whether you have a small DIY job in your home or office or need to buy in bulk for major and ongoing projects, SGT KNOTS has plenty of polyester tape at the right price.

SGT KNOTS Printed Pull Tape has ascending measurements notated at each foot, so you can easily track your wire or cable's position as you pull it through.  As a top-of-the-line mule tape, our webbing is made from 100% polyester and comes pre-lubricated to reduce friction as you pull it through, you get a job free of snags, and your conduit is protected from abrasion and cutting.  Specifically designed to eliminate as much stretch as possible, this pull tape provides you with more accurate measurements and consistent performance across dozens of uses.

Sold on sturdy, lightweight, easy-to-deploy plastic spools, SGT KNOTS Printed Pull Tape comes in lengths of 500, 1000, 3000, and 5000 feet. White with solid black printing, this tape is easy to read.

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