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Braided Polyester Twine

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The perfect durable all-purpose utility twine, made from 100% industrial-strength polyester fabric. Designed as an all around performer for any indoor or outdoor crafting application, including DIY projects, construction work, camping, boating, and commercial fishing.

Our poly line features a braided construction technique for maximum strength and stability. Interwoven polyester fibers lock firmly into place when weight or exertion is added to the line, tightening each strand and minimizing stretch. Braided twines have better abrasion resistance and overall durability than twisted ones.

Polyester comes packed with various built-in resistances to the elements that drastically increase the lifespan of our twine. These low-stretch fibers protect against moisture penetration, wear and tear, chemicals, oils, extreme weather, and even the degrading effects of sunlight and UV radiation.


  • Color: Red/White
  • Diameter: 1.6mm
  • Length: 300ft