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Plastic Zipcord Stopper

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For a cord lock that absolutely won't budge unless you want it to, look no further than SGT KNOTS Plastic Zipcord, for use with paracord and other cords/drawstrings 1/8" in diameter.  These zipcord locks are as secure as cord locks get, and the risk of an accidental release is as close to zero as you can get.  Easy to slip on and lock into place, once this cord lock is on your drawstring, zipper pull, or other piece of paracord or 1/8" cord, it isn't going anywhere until you want it to.

Made from lightweight, heavy-duty plastic, these zipcord cord locks are ready to withstand everything your gear, the elements, and your imagination can come up with.  Temperature, tension, moisture, regular removal and re-attachment, this cord lock will last you for years no matter what trials you put it through.  The ridged grip provides a slip-proof hold on a looped piece of cord, giving you just the right fit with an easy-to-grab pull tab clinging tightly to your cord.


  • Use with Paracord, or 1/8" cord
  • Sold in pack of 10, 25, 50, or 100

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